Rear pivot bearing replacement article.

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Rear pivot bearing replacement article.

Post by TREE on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:30 pm

Very good pics and text for using bushings to replace needle bearings on the rear swing arm.

" I noticed a certain amount of play in the rear wheel. This could be worn or mis-torqued Pivot Bearings or the dreaded Final Dive Bearing Failure. The test is the following. Put the bike on the center stand, wiggle the rear wheel at 9-3 o'clock and at 12-6 o'clock. If there is movement you need to determine whether it is Pivot Bearings (PB) or Final Drive Bearing (FDB). Have someone hold down the rear brake, do the wiggle test again. If there is still movement, it is the PB. If the movement stops, then it is the FDB."

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