R90S - magazine article

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R90S - magazine article

Post by Alan Coles on Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:01 pm

Just got the 2016-Jan/Feb issue of Cycle World in the mail and it's got a nice article on  the R90S and the Norton 850 Commando (pages 38-47). Having both bikes, I'm looking forward to reading the article tonight. A quick perusal suggested that it will be a very good read. I got a notice on the R90S Worldnet forum that it was published and sure enough, there it was in my mailbox.

It is written by Peter Egan, naturally, he's owned both bikes and likes both quite a bit. Unfortunately, but understandably, there isn't a workable link to the article without a Cycle World "Cover-to-Cover" subscription, so you'll need to buy the print copy until it shows up in their archives (which may or may not happen).

Here's a link to Peter's 2015-09-23 short article on the R90S:

Here's a link to Cycle World's 1975-01 issue where they road-tested the R90S: http://issues.cycleworld.com/19750102#!/10
This is apparently only available for a "limited time" so read now, if you'd like to see it.
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