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Club Ride - 2019-11-02

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Club Ride - 2019-11-02 Empty Club Ride - 2019-11-02

Post by Alan Coles Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:57 pm

Club Ride 2019-11-02

Saturday, November 2nd

Start time: 9:00 am (arrive before this departure time - be prepared - see below)

Description: Backroads from Tim Hortons in Bedford Commons through Ellershouse, Windsor, Coldbrook, Morristown, New Ross, Chester and back

Depart from: Tim Hortons, Bedford Common - 36 Verdi Dr.
Ride time = 1h45m
1st Stop (10:45am - 11:05am): - Tim Hortons, 17 Water St, Windsor
Ride time = 1h35m
2nd Stop (12:40pm - 1:40pm): Lunch - Peasant's Pantry, 4491 Highway 12, New Ross (
This is a relatively new restaurant (5-years old) owned by Joseph Crocker. I knew Joe slightly years ago and he is a very good chef. He has worked at Actons, Fid, The Halifax Club, Le Caveau (Grand Pre Wines), etc. Joe has a full, quality, Butcher Shop, as well as the Deli, so you may want to make plans to pick something up to take home.
Ride time = 1h
Destination: 2:40pm - Tim Hortons, Bedford Common - 36 Verdi Dr.

Please remember to be respectful of everyone. That means:

At the Start:

  • Arrive at the departure point well prior to the scheduled departure time
  • Bike ready to ride (good working order)
  • Your tank full of gas
  • Your stomach full these rides are not breakfast meets. Please do that prior to departure time
  • Your bladder empty ;-)

Kickstands up at the designated start/departure time - to respect everyone's time
If you want to get food/drink, use the washroom, etc., then please show up well before so you can be ready to ride at the specified time

During the ride:
Be careful - there may be leaves on the road in places
Ride in a safe formation
Staggered formation (Lead bike just left of center of lane, 2nd bike just right, etc.) when the road is good, single when it is not - See Group Riding Etiquette for details -
Do not be constantly weaving in your lane. It is not only distracting but also dangerous for other riders around you having an unpredictable/distracting rider amongst them.
Ride aware
Don't leave riders behind

Group Riding requires some common courtesies for everyone to have an enjoyable ride. That means you should follow standard protocols for considerate group riding such as:

Each rider must be aware of their own surrounding and ride accordingly - You are responsible for your own safety
Maintain a safe distance between bikes - that changes with speed
- too close is unsafe (less than 2 seconds in staggered formation)
- too far destroys the safety of the group formation (more than 3-4 seconds max) and each riders ability to properly monitor the rider directly in front and behind them.
You have a responsibility to your fellow riders
Watching the rider in front will warn you of possible issues or changes
Watching the rider behind will alert you quickly if they have a problem and are no longer there

If the rider behind you stops, then you stop.
Following this protocol ensures two things:

Ensures that the rider with a problem isn't abandoned and left to their own devices (part of why it is a Group Ride) and
If each person is properly monitoring the rider directly behind them and stops if that rider does, then very quickly the entire group comes to a stop and is able to assist the rider in need.

Most importantly, ride at your own speed and comfort level, and have fun.
Alan Coles
Alan Coles

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