Steering damper and sidestand deployment

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Steering damper and sidestand deployment

Post by r90sLifer on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:48 pm

Lowell wanted me to post the following.
He bought a r100r bike this spring and a couple of things were lacking.
1. was a steering damper and 2. a way of deploying the sidestand while being leg-length challenged.
Lowell sourced out Mike at Slinger cycle who fabricated a bracket for a steering damper and installed same.
Here is a picture of that mod - click on the thumbnail pic to get the enlargement.

Now about the side stand deployment issue. Lowell bike has crash bars installed. Mike used that piece of equipment to work with some more fabrication. He fabbed up a handle that has a cable attached to it running to the spring loaded side stand and Lowell is happy to report that with this piece of equipment his leg length is virtually lengthened to Aucoin proportions.

This is the handle while the side stand is NOT deployed:

... and this is the handle position with the SS deployed.

Lowell wants to share this gem of a shop that helped him solve a couple of his issues with the R100R and in short Slingers is a solutions type of shop. Lowell also had some parts painted by them and is also pleased.
If you wish to discuss these mods, or how you can get them yourself lowell is taking calls at 477-2287 to discuss.

Thanks for Sharing Lowell. Smile

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