Rider looking for tune up help on the south shore.

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Rider looking for tune up help on the south shore.

Post by r90sLifer on Thu May 25, 2017 1:44 pm

I received this query from an acquaintance - Mike MacIntyre:
Because I don't have an immediate answer I thought I would post it here.
I'll comment after the request.
Mike MacIntyre wrote:Hi Amedee;

      We met a number of years ago while driving old (my case) BMW’s!

      I have a 1972 R75/5 and am living on the South Shore in Mahone Bay. Wondering if there is anyone to your knowledge that could help me adjust my front brake system and as well, would be familiar with balancing my carbonators that lives in my area?

      The bike has been stored for 12 years and needs a little adjustment!

      Look forward to any advice/help you might be able to give me.

   Appreciate your time, Mike MacIntyre

I don't know anyone specifically on the south Shore. I heard there was a Chris in Bridgewater that did wonders with suspension but that he might have closed up shop.
You might try Chuck Sweet in Falmouth. Not south shore resource but a very knowledgable/expert mechanic.
And I think there there a mechanic quite a ways up the Eastern shore but I don't have a contact name or coordinates.

Maybe someone else on this forum can think of someone else.

Ed Barkhouse at Pro-Cycle could also work on it in that shop.

Not sure that helps but this might generate some discussion.
Cheers, Amédée

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Re: Rider looking for tune up help on the south shore.

Post by Alan Coles on Fri May 26, 2017 10:28 am

I just checked with a friend on the South Shore and he's not aware of anyone in that region either, unfortunately. He did say that he ran across Mike and his wife riding in the Keji area several years ago - small world.

Will keep my ear to the ground for someone though.
Alan Coles

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