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SpeedoHealer Empty SpeedoHealer

Post by Willard Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:47 pm

A SpeedoHealer allows you to calibrate you stock speedo to read 100% accurate. A factory speedo can be off by 10% and even higher if one were to change the stock gearing as I did on my FZ6.

Last week I order a SpeedoHealer from these folks, it was delivered in 5 days:

Installing the Speedohealer was straight forward:

First thing is to lift the tank. Two bolts at the front:
SpeedoHealer IMG4040-L

and 1 bolt on the back:
SpeedoHealer IMG4041-L

Then slide the tank back so that it clears the front fairing and then insert the back bolt and bungie the thank up:
SpeedoHealer IMG4042-L

Locate the speed sensor under the rubber boot:
SpeedoHealer IMG4043-L

Here it is just under my thumb:
SpeedoHealer IMG4044-L

Uncouple the speed sensor plug:
SpeedoHealer IMG4045-L

Here's the wiring harness that comes with the SpeedoHealer (this one is for the FZ6);this just plugs into the male and female ends of the speed sensor plus:
SpeedoHealer IMG4050-L
SpeedoHealer IMG4049-L

This is the SpeedoHealer, pretty small:
SpeedoHealer IMG4051-L

Two buttons for programming, SET and SEL:
SpeedoHealer IMG4054-L

This is the switch and connector of the top speed recall function:
SpeedoHealer IMG4056-L

All done (I haven't routed the top speed recall wire yet, I may not bother:
SpeedoHealer IMG4059-L

I needed to put in a -11.1% calibration adjustment for my FZ6. Good instructions are provided and takes about 30 seconds. Took the bike for a test ride tonight and my speedo is dead on with my GPS. The only difference is that the GPS is a lot slower to register the current speed.

Highly recommend the SpeedoHealer. V-Strom owners take note, 110kph actual speed reads 120kph on the V-Strom speedo.

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