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"Why I do the Things I Do" - Part 1: Modding the FZ6

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"Why I do the Things I Do" - Part 1: Modding the FZ6 Empty "Why I do the Things I Do" - Part 1: Modding the FZ6

Post by Willard on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:46 pm

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so if you don't want to read the rest of this post just click on the picture below to view the video:

"Why I do the Things I Do" - Part 1: Modding the FZ6 FZ6-Mods-L

Why a Yamaha FZ6? Well, I wanted a sport tourer that was sporty but acceptably comfortable. Also had to be light weight with good braking, and about 100hp. And it had to be cheap! I wanted it to be bullet proof dependable with good dealer and aftermarket support.

I paid $6100 for a showroom condition FZ6 with only 2000klms, so I had some money in my budget for modifications.

In stock form the FZ6 is quite comfortable but with a little aftermarket help I was able to make it a more comfortable sport tourer. In fact I found the seating position and position of the pegs on my modded FZ6 to more comfortable for me than the Yamaha FJR1300, the new Concours, and the BMW 1200/1300GT (these three bikes have their pegs a little further forward and up than I like).

To make the FZ6 more comfortable I performed the following modification:
- Bluell Lightning foot pegs: lowered the pegs over one inch
- Replaced the oddly shaped FZ6 bar with a straighter FZ1 bar and bar back risers from Twisted Throttle
- Kobo throttle lock: very slick device, really helps on long rides
- Oxford Heated Grips
- Seat modification by Bob at Apple Auto Glass on Kemp Road. Bob build the seat up a bit on the front and moved the rise back a couple of inches and put on a new cover. He did a great job.
- RoboBrackets and windscreen: great wind protection, highly recommended

The FZ6 weighs 409lbs and put out 98hp which is 50% more hp than my 650 V-Strom. Below 7000rpm the FZ6 is quite tame but between 7000 and 14,000rpms you have to hold on. The only performance modification was to install a K&N air filter.

The brakes on the FZ6 are powerful and with the addition of steel braided lines, EBC pads, and Pazzo levers they provide great feel and feedback. It's unfortunate that the FZ6 doesn't have ABS brakes as the European FZ6 have as an option.

All bikes are built to a price point and the FZ6 is no exception. The front end suspension definitely needed an upgrade. Anthony and Adam at ProTech Suspension came to the rescue and installed a set of RaceTech straight rate springs matched to my weight and a set RaceTech emulators. Again, highly recommended.

Aftermarket racks, saddle bags and trunk complete the touring bits.

The FZ6 is a real hoot to ride and is capable of touring duties but it is definitely not as comfortable as the 650 V-Strom.


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