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Club Ride - 2018-09-02 Empty Club Ride - 2018-09-02

Post by Alan Coles on Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:20 pm

Sunday, September 2nd

Start time: 9:00 am (arrive before this departure time - be prepared - see below)

Depart from: Tom Hortons, Bedford Common - 36 Verdi Dr.

Destination: Liverpool - through Forties Settlement to New Ross and back

Please remember to be respectful of everyone. That means:

At the Start

    Arrive at the departure point with:
  • Bike ready to ride (good working order)
  • Your tank full of gas
  • Your bladder empty ;-)

  • Kickstands up at the designated start/departure time - to respect everyone's time
  • If you want to get a bite, use the washroom, etc., then please show up well before so you can be ready to ride at the specified time

During the ride

  • Be careful - we'll all be a bit rusty after the winter layoff
  • Ride in a safe formation
  • Staggered formation (Lead bike just left of center of lane, 2nd bike just right, etc.) when the road is good, single when it is not - See Group Riding Etiquette for details -
  • Do not be constantly weaving in your lane. It is not only distracting but also dangerous for other riders around you having an unpredictable/distracting rider amongst them.
  • Ride aware
  • Don't leave riders behind

Group Riding requires some common courtesies for everyone to have an enjoyable ride. That means you should follow standard protocols for considerate group riding such as:

  • Each rider must be aware of their own surrounding and ride accordingly - You are responsible for your own safety
  • Maintain a safe distance between bikes - that changes with speed
    - too close is unsafe (less than 1-2 seconds in staggered formation)
    - too far destroys the safety of the group formation (more than 3 seconds) and each riders ability to properly monitor the rider directly in front and behind them.
  • You have a responsibility to your fellow riders
  • Watching the rider in front will warn you of possible issues or changes
  • Watching the rider behind will alert you quickly if they have a problem and are no longer there

If the rider behind you stops, then you stop.
Following this protocol ensures two things:

  1. Ensures that the rider with a problem isn't abandoned and left to their own devices (part of why it is a Group Ride) and
  2. If each person is properly monitoring the rider directly behind them and stops if that rider does, then very quickly the entire group comes to a stop and is able to assist the rider in need.

Most importantly, ride at your own speed and comfort level, and have fun.
Alan Coles
Alan Coles

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