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Sena Group Intercom

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Sena Group Intercom Empty Sena Group Intercom

Post by Alan Coles Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:55 pm

During my ride to the Des Moines Rally earlier this month, it became apparent that while many of us have comms units, we typically don't use many of their features enough to remain familiar with them over a period of time. That is to be expected as the two main comms unit brands, Sena and Cardo, have so many features now that it is quite taxing to even remember 25% of what they can do let alone how they do it.

When riding with Brian G. (Sena 20S or 20S EVO), and Craig G. (Sena 30K), we used the Multi-way Intercom conversation mode as I was riding with my trusty Sena SMH-10 (their original offering Rev-1, over 6-years old now). Also spent two days riding with my friend Ted C. (Sena 20S).  During the trip, we had some difficulties from time-to-time communicating as well as we wished. Some of it may be due to issues that Sena appear to be having with the 30K (not sure, we'll have to test things), and some of it was definitely due to my SMH-10 appearing to be in the ageing phase of its life. Therefore I've replaced my SMH-10 with a new Sena 20S EVO. It arrived today and I've installed and configured it this evening. In playing around with the new features (new to me vs the SMH-10), I started looking at the Sena Group Intercom feature.

RKA's Richard Battles has been a Sena Dealer for about 8-9 years and is one of the leading experts on their systems. I have attended two of Richard's seminars and he is very knowledgeable on Sena products, often knowing as much any many times more than their Tech Department because he is using and supporting these units in the real-world more than anyone else I'm familiar with.

In these two videos Richard demonstrates how to set up your Sena 10S, 20S, 20S EVO, and 30K comm units for "Group Intercom" usage.

Part-1 - 20S Group Intercom Setup: This video is a step by step instructional guide for how to set up 4 20S headsets to Group intercom. After you see this video you will understand how to easily add to and setup 8 partners.

Part-2 - 2017 Group Intercom II: This is a follow-up video to May 2016 Group Intercom I. This video shows how to connect all 5 headsets to a Group and have each one able to initiate the "Group Intercom" feature.

Craig and Brian, we'll have to try to set up the Group Intercom feature tomorrow evening if you make it to the Chicken Burger. Unfortunately, it looks like there could be a fair bit of rain (~15mm) tomorrow afternoon/evening, so that may be a wash - all puns intended. ;-)
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