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Post by r90sLifer on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:23 am

There is a website dedicated to making sure you find the right part for your motorcycle.

It's at and here is a link.
Select 'Browse Parts' after you have entered your information
This particular one has the items filled in (I only had to enter the last 7 digits of the s/n).
I see the site has been updated since the last time I looked and it has a lot of good info.
Their exploded diagrams are nice.

Worth a look see if you are trying to cross reference parts, sometime.
It also has info on BMW car parts.
The site is known to a lot of BMW riders but I thought I would re-post.


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Post by Alan Coles on Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:39 am

As Amedee said, a very good source for part # lookup. I've used it for over a decade and it has been very helpful. Amedee provided a direct link to the section where you enter your VIN (the first link will also take you there), I'd recommend that you try that first as it does several things to help you.

1 - It makes sure you are looking at parts for your specific bike vs your year and model. BMW made several changes to their bikes over the years that occurred part way through some model years and so one can have two bikes that are the same year and model but that actually require different parts in certain specific areas. So be aware of that.

2 - It will show you the actual month it was manufactured which can again be helpful for identifying if the bike is subject to any of these mid-year changes.

Something many may not be aware of is that when you do look up a part and you see the part number listed on the right, and that part number is also, in most cases, an active link. What that means is that if you left-click on the part number it will bring up a page for that specific part which will give you some very helpful information, especially if you are looking for used parts vs new.

What is so great about this info? Well if you click on the fuel injector for my old 2004 R1150RT than it shows that injector was also used on 11 other iterations between 1996 all the way up to 2007! Ranging from the F650 to the R1200CL. If you look up a connecting rod for the R90S you will see that it was used from 1969 on the R50/5 up to 1984 on R100/7.

Definitely a great resource. Folks may not be aware but there are some BMW motorcycle models that have the same connecting rods as some BMW cars, etc.
Alan Coles
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