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LED Airhead Tail Light Bulbs Empty LED Airhead Tail Light Bulbs

Post by NSKayaker on Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:01 pm

Those looking to improve on the incandescent 1157/1034 tail light bulb in airhead bikes might find this of interest.

I’ve been wanting to improve the rear lighting on my R75/5 for quite some time and after seeing the Hyper-Lite on Bjorn’s R100RS this spring I added one to my bike. That still left the stock 1157 (or 1034) incandescent bulb in the tail light and I had long contemplated replacing it with an LED. After a lot of online searching, I really didn’t see an 1157 LED that people were happy with. They were usually quite expensive and the bulbs either didn’t emit the wavelength needed (red) and/or didn’t improve the lighting sufficiently to make the investment worthwhile.

Then, I saw the following youtube video for what they described as a “plasma” red LED 1157. This is a video produced by West Coast Classic Cougar (WCCC in Oregon) and showed three Cougars, one with stock incandescent 1157 tail light bulbs, one with red 1157 LED bulbs and one with what they call a “plasma” red 1157 LED bulbs.


There seemed, IMO, to be a significant difference so I checked out their site and purchased a pair of these bulbs (PN 10043).


While the bike only needs one bulb, it didn’t look like they sold individual bulbs, and thinking a backup wasn’t a bad idea anyway, I ordered a pair. With the 10% discount for ordering online, as opposed to a phone order, the total (with shipping) came to $34.06 USD. I’ve always considered LED bulbs to be quite expensive so this looked like a reasonable price. I opted for the least expensive postage option, which entailed UPS picking up the parcel and then taking it to the USPS for further handling. Time span between placing the order and receiving it was 14 days (with two weekends in there) which I consider quite reasonable.

I don’t have any photos to show, but I can say I found the difference to be quite significant while making the change. It only takes a couple of minutes for the swap so I asked my wife for her opinion while doing that. She said that the before/after improvement was quite remarkable with the illumination of both the running light and the brake light, so well worth doing.

So for those who are interested in this easy upgrade I would suggest checking out the video and the WCCC site.



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LED Airhead Tail Light Bulbs Empty Re: LED Airhead Tail Light Bulbs

Post by r90sLifer on Thu Sep 29, 2016 9:16 am

Hey NSKayaker (AKA Alan) . I moved this topic to Modifications. I hope that is OK with you.

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