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Cycling Shoe Covers

Post by r90sLifer on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:39 pm

Sometimes Gortex boots don't always cut it. Sure they might keep you dry for a while or most of the day if you get caught riding all day in the rain but they can still feel soggy from getting wet on the outside. An all day ride in driving rain can have water infiltrate through the side zippers on a pair of Tourmaster Solution boots like mine as well.
There is a local solution that a few members are using to help keep the heaviest rain from dampening your ride more than it should. It is a pair of MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) Cycling Shoe covers . They slip on fast and pack light. They have a velcro strip at the back that fastens vertically with reflective accents and a cross strip that also velcros to secure to your boots.
If you see a rainy forecast ahead put them on while gearing up. Another good piece of insurance. My set has replaced a set of Rain-Rider boot covers I used to have but ripped after the ride up to Gaspe this summer. Smile

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