The $40 Performance Upgrade

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The $40 Performance Upgrade

Post by Willard on Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:12 pm

Stock gearing (16T front and 47T rear) on the Yamaha FZ6 never felt right to me. If I felt the need to be in a lower gear when I did downshift it felt too low; sometimes when it felt like the bike needed to be in a higher gear that higher gear felt too high. Overall the gearing just didn't seem right to me.

I had heard that a 15T front sprocket would remedy the gearing problem for me so I gave it a try. And what a difference! The bike is so much more responsive. The motor now pulls a lot easier in what ever gear I select and just feels right.

The downside is that the motor spins about 500rpm or so more in each gear and gas consumption will go up a little bit on highway rides. Gas mileage probably won't change much on the back roads. If I was going on a long tour I would probably put the 16T back on but on day rides the 15T is the way to go.

The biggest downside to changing gearing is the speedo is way off - actual speed as indicated on my GPS is 110kph and the bike speedo reads 123kph. Even with stock gearing the speedo was 5 or 6kph overly optimistic. Anyway a Speedohealer easily recalibrates the speedo.

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