V.I. AdventureTech Ltd LED Tail Light Kit

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V.I. AdventureTech Ltd LED Tail Light Kit

Post by Dino on Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:19 pm

Iíve always wanted to upgrade my brake light to an LED kit on my F650CS. I decided to purchase a kit from a company on Vancouver Island, http://www.adventuretech.ca/index.php?p=main

The wiring appears to go through the circuit board and secured on the opposite side.

You donít have to remove the seat for access, only remove two screws that secure the lens to the housing. Removing the original bulb was simple by turning and pulling the bulb out of its socket. Installing the LED kit was very straight forward.

Reinstall the lens, ensuring not to pinch the wires between the lens and tail light body.


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