R1200RT Wethead Tech Day - Pictures Info

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R1200RT Wethead Tech Day - Pictures Info

Post by Codfodder on Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:15 pm

The following is duplicated on Facebook.

The beginning is always a great place to start.  

A HUGE thank you to:
   1. Our presenter, Brad Smith
   2. Gracious hosts: CAA, Bruce Lilly and Carl Wilson
   3. Tireless President, Alan Coles

The below link is a shared access to Dropbox where you can download 1.2GB or 184 photos from Saturday.
You should be able to click the link and scroll through like a slide show and download any pictures you wish.  I do not think you need to make an account to view or download.


For anyone not inclined to download, I have no issue putting the images on a USB key…...you need to provide the USB key 😊

Attached are a few of pictures from the weekend.


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