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Following of previous post

Post by Bert on Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:09 am

On March 25, Tree posted the following on the "old" forum:

A new overall annual sales record was also set, as 100,064 BMW motorcycles were supplied by dealers to customers worldwide, virtually doubling sales of BMW motorcycles within the last 10 years.

BMW also says that they've built 2,061,977 motorcycles since starting up in 1923, and they estimate that more than 70 per cent of motorcycles built since the war are still functional and owned by customers.

Here is the response of Harley Davidson:
95% of all Harleys built since 2000 are still on the road. The other 5% made it home

Harley Davidson has just announced the release of their new service manual for 2008
Harley owners will be pleased to know that the last two pages of the manual will be The Provincial and State Bus Schedule.
You can virtually test drive a Harley at: Harley test ride

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