Atlantic motoplex Schuberth helmets back on the shelf

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Atlantic motoplex Schuberth helmets back on the shelf

Post by shereef on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:31 pm

I really like the schuberth helmet i got a couple of years ago. It was on for a steal of a deal, since they had none left in stock, and were not going to get them in again.
Since they the C2 (older one i have) has been replaced with the C3, which is really light weight. I have to say the C2 has worked very nicely. Not buffeting or making any irritating noise at hwy speed limits or multiples thereof.

So just in case someone was looking for this helmet, they have them back at Motoplex for sale. I think they ask 800 dollars for them. Its insanely expensive, but they are really good helmets in my humble opinion.


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