BMWONS Mileage awards 2012

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BMWONS Mileage awards 2012

Post by r90sLifer on Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:51 pm

At our AGM on Sunday we awarded the BMWONS High Mileage award to Sandy MacLeod. Congratulations Sandy.
Pulling a strong second was Marilyn Wright; Congratulations to Marilyn as well.
Average rider recognition goes to John Dwinell, congrats to you, John.
Here is the list of submitted mileages (in kms) as compiled by Bill Hayter and audited by Price-Waterhouse.
1. Sandy MacLeod 20,963
2. Marilyn Wright 20,450
3. Shereef 18,500
4. John Engweiler 18,000
5. Bill Hayter 16,999
6. John Dwinell 14,038
7. Glen Greencorn 10,963
8. John Pineo 10,000
9. John Dorman 8,994
10. Amédée Aucoin 8,487
11. Ken Jarvis 7,832
12. Phil Sceviour 807

Total mileage: 156,013
Average mileage: 13001

And Thanks to all for sending in your mileage and most of all for r-i-d-i-n-g.
Lets have more participants next year and see what that total mileage really is.

Amédée Smile

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